Hair Color Concepts®

YES! Finally, a space to not only learn, but to be seen!

A platform for colorist on the beginner and intermediate level that shows you all things, A-Z, hair color, then gives you a publication to showcase everything you just learned!


So, Why Are You Here?

This is a broad question that can go a few ways.

✔️ You're fresh out of beauty school and the most you learned was how to pass state board. You got just enough hair color knowledge and technique to pass the color portion, and maybe a little more to not look like a TOTAL amateur!

✔️ You've got the years, you have a few color classes under your belt, and you get it.... a little... the problem is, your previous educators didn't break it ALLLLL the way down. Like down down to where even your toddler could understand! And to be honest, sometimes we need it broken down THAT far!

✔️ You know your color theory, a color correction showing up on your schedule actually doesn't scare you, but chile, when it comes to application and color placement, you need the blueprint that will show you step by step the HOW and the WHY!

✔️ Your skill is TOP KNOTCH, you know all there is to know concerning color theory, placement, all of the above...But what you lack the most, is how to CHARGE a premium price and how MARKET yourself as a premium colorist, so that you are able to ATTRACT a premium clientele!


✔️ Exposure! Your brand is worthy to be seen past social media! You tag these big brands, you comment, your engagement is A-1, but you still don't feel "seen". Being apart of Hair Color Concepts® offers you the opportunity for first dibs of submissions inside of our quarterly magazine!

Do Any of These Sound Like You?

This is exactly why Hair Color Concepts® was created!

To give stylist, from beginners in beauty school, to the intermediate colorist, the knowledge needed to take not only their technique, but their color business to a whole new level!

Check out what we offer and get ready to join the HCC COLOR BOSS TRIBE!

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Meet HCC® Educator and Editor

Adrienne Small

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"Adrienne has a genuine love of mentoring & teaching others to become great. I didn't feel lost & I received the 1 on 1 attention that’s essential to learning. She allowed me as a student to take charge of my own learning through experiencing different ways to approach color and still receive amazing results."

- Syreeta Golston

"I love how Adrienne asked each of us what our problem area was. Then throughout the class she answered or demonstrated what to do or not to do pertaining to our individual problems. The biggest things I learned was foil placement and how to distribute my product properly."

- Anjail Farmer

"I thoroughly enjoyed Adrienne's color class! I love that instead of just teaching technique, she took the time to go over theory which made the practical part easier to grasp. She gave us they "why" and "when" we should use the different techniques and the product knowledge she shared was an added bonus!"

- TeAnna Shantese