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"Adrienne has a genuine love of mentoring & teaching others to become great. I didn't feel lost & I received the 1 on 1 attention that’s essential to learning. She allowed me as a student to take charge of my own learning through experiencing different ways to approach color and still receive amazing results."

- Syreeta Golston

"I love how Adrienne asked each of us what our problem area was. Then throughout the class she answered or demonstrated what to do or not to do pertaining to our individual problems. The biggest things I learned was foil placement and how to distribute my product properly."

- Anjail Farmer

"I thoroughly enjoyed Adrienne's color class! I love that instead of just teaching technique, she took the time to go over theory which made the practical part easier to grasp. She gave us they "why" and "when" we should use the different techniques and the product knowledge she shared was an added bonus!"

- TeAnna Shantese

Meet Your Hair Color Concepts® Academy Educator

Adrienne Small